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Safety Manual


Employees are required to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable and skilled in their job specific responsibilities. ARS Corporation is also responsible for providing training, certifying the skills and knowledge of employees, and verifying experience. Therefore, employees are required to read and understand the employee training manual and demonstrate knowledge by taking the chapter tests in the categories applicable to job responsibilities. Further skill and knowledge assessment will be used to certify individuals in the field and will give an opportunity for employees to demonstrate their skill sets. New hires with experience are to have their experience verified by their direct supervisor (Foreman, General Foreman, Supervisor, etc.…) through observation and findings documented with a new hire prior experience verification log. All employees regardless of experience are required to read and complete the ARS Corp training manual sections applicable to job responsibilities. All promotions and wage increases may not be granted at the discretion of management until passing scores have been obtained in all applicable categories. Employees must use provided answer sheet(s). Exams submitted using anything other than the provided answer sheet(s) will not be graded. Successful completion of applicable chapters within the employee training manual is a requirement of employment.


Provide Each Employee with a Safe Workplace.

ALL Safety rules and regulations are in place to protect YOU, the worker. DO NOT perform any task that is unsafe.

At the Top

A Safe work environment begins at the top

All Employees

Safety is the responsibility of ALL employees and company representatives

Condition of Employment.

If you are not practising safety, you do not belong in our workforce

Every Person

Each person SHALL be responsible for his or her own safety as well as the safety of others while on the jobsite.

Your Attitude

The most important and effective safety tool is YOUR ATTITUDE

Proper Planning

The safety and productivity of our crews depends on proper planning

Be Aware

We must all be aware of how our work affects the environment and protect the environment as we do our work


ARS Motto - Always Remember Safety


Training Program Description.

The purpose of this program is to provide safety criteria for our employees engaged in all operations. Various methods are used to train employees. Although skills and knowledge are largely gained through on the job training and experience, there is additional training available to assist the training process. Instructors, trainers, supervision and foremen administer ongoing training to help employees gain skills; advance within the company; and to review policies and procedures. Personnel authorized by the company managers verify achievement of skills. All training shall be documented by written tests, verification of skills records, certification cards and training class attendance sheets. Training records shall be maintained for a minimum of three years after employment ends. Training updates may replace older training records for active employees. Company certification enhances legal requirements and in no way replaces any required license or state certification. The ARS training program has been developed using OSHA 1910.269, ANSI Z133.1 and other industry recommendations and regulations.

Retraining at the discretion of management may be required following an incident investigation, disciplinary action or evaluation showing misuse, insufficient skill or understanding. When equipment that is unfamiliar to employees is used all affected employees SHALL be trained in the hazards, safe operation, inspection and use of the equipment. This training will meet or exceed all OSHA, state and manufacturer requirements. Employees will be trained whenever presented with unfamiliar or non-routine tasks.

This training will include the hazards, procedures and work practices of these tasks.

The ARS Training program is designed to be used as a guide to train employees in the knowledge and skills involved in their specific work assignments. The materials contained in this program are to be used to assist in training employees in the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their work safely. The program is divided into certification sections that each includes different individual training components.

Each component consists of skills verification and knowledge tests.

Each individual employee shall review the information in the sections that pertain to their work assignments and complete the assessment tests. This review can be done in classroom setting, in a group or individually..

Our safety team

Anthony Sorrells

Regional Safety Supervisor
Southern Region

Benjamin Switzer

Director Operational Safety

Keith Fox

Regional Safety Supervisor
Mid Atlantic Region

Prefix Cont'd


The company representative will review any and all incorrect answers with the employee to ensure understanding of the safety information involved.


A certificate will be issued upon of completion of each knowledge component by the instructor or trainer..

Skill Training

Skill training will then be performed on the job and verified by the instructor or trainer.

Verify Skills

Employees with prior experience can have their skills verified by job observation by the instructor or trainer and knowledge tested according to experience.

Time Frame

Employee training manual: 60 days from the time of receipt if a new hire, completing all chapters applicable to job responsibilities at a minimum achieving a passing score of no less than 75 percent.

Comprehensive Safety and Ground Worker chapters must be completed by all workers within two weeks of hiring date.

All employees shall originally be provided with a training manual to complete required or voluntary sections. Upon completion the training manual shall be returned to the General Foreman.


If further review or continued testing is needed employee may request a book form the General Foreman or review the training manual provided on each crew’s truck.

Three attempts will be permitted to achieve a passing score. If a passing score can not be obtained with in three attempts, employee may only work within the scope of work where passing scores have been achieved or relieved from employment if terms of hire or responsibilities cannot be met.

Experienced new hire verification log: employee must complete as part of the application process and direct supervisor must verify their claimed experience through direct field observation signing off on each categories content. Take time to offer healthy criticism and review with the employee to make sure they understand and work according to our company’s safety guidelines.

All Employees

Thank you for your participation...
Sincerely, The Safety Department