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Chapter 2. Ground Worker

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ARS - Always Remember Safety

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Employee Safety Manual


Employees are required to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable and skilled in their job specific responsibilities. ARS Corporation is also responsible for providing training, certifying the skills and knowledge of employees, and verifying experience. Therefore, employees are required to read and understand the employee training manual and demonstrate knowledge by taking the chapter tests in the categories applicable to job responsibilities. Further skill and knowledge assessment will be used to certify individuals in the field and will give an opportunity for employees to demonstrate their skill sets.

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All Employees

All employees should complete the Comprehensive Safety Section within 90 days of hiring. All employees involved with tree trimming and removing operations should complete the Ground Worker Section within 90 days of assignment. All employees performing tree trimming should complete the Trimmer Section. All tree climbers should complete the Climber Section. All bucket truck operators should complete the Lift Operator Section. All Crew Foreman should complete the Foreman Section. All drivers of company vehicles should complete the Driver Section. All employees involved in herbicide applications

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The purpose of this program is to provide safety criteria for our employees engaged in all operations. Various methods are used to train employees. Although skills and knowledge are largely gained through on the job training and experience, there is additional training available to assist the training process. Instructors, trainers, supervision and foremen administer ongoing training to help employees gain skills; advance within the company; and to review policies and procedures. Personnel authorized by the company managers verify achievement of skills. All training shall be documented by written tests,

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